Nothing says living the digital nomad life to the max like a few hours on the laptop in the morning followed by fun times in the ocean for the rest of the day. The call of the waves is strong amongst the community and Thailand has the perfect combination of beginner-level waves, amazing accommodation, and fantastic activities to enjoy on the side. 

The best time to enjoy surfing in Thailand is from May to October which is also monsoon season. More rain and stronger winds means bigger waves!

Today we are very proud to announce that we are partnering with Rokas, current Lithuanian Surf Champion, overall extreme sports fanatic, and creator of new fitness favorite brand Octomoves.

While Rokas is getting ready to hit the waves in El Salvador for the World Surfing Games we highlight 5 of the best surfing spots in Thailand for beginners.

Surf’s up:

Koh Phayam

Koh Phayam is a small island that lies just a couple of hours away by ferry from the mainland. With clear waters and easy waves, it’s a perfect spot to learn surfing in Thailand. Aow Yai Beach is where you’ll want to head. There you’ll find plenty of space and a spot to rent surfboards and take lessons. The island is still rather off the radar of regular tourists so expect a more laid-back atmosphere alongside plenty of opportunities for diving and exploring the island’s beautiful mangroves by kayak.


Phuket continues to have the most appeal for budding surfers in Thailand. Easily accessible with great accommodation options and good waves, surfing highlights include the beaches of Khao Lak, Kamala, and Kata Noi. Phuket is a great place to tick off items from your Thailand bucket list, from boat tours to stunning temples. The island boasts plenty of wellness opportunities, from day spas to health resorts, so don’t forget to take care of yourself while on the road.

Koh Samui

The home of Saol is a great spot for surf beginners in Thailand. Accessible via flight or ferry, the island features so many incredible beaches, two of the most popular of which are Lamai and Chaweng. There you’ll find rental stores and surf instructors who will be more than happy to teach you the ropes. Our beloved Saol is the ideal place for kicking back after long days of hitting the waves. It’s also the perfect spot for travelers who wish to work remotely. From yoga to meditation, cooking classes, and elephant sanctuary visits, there is so much to discover on Koh Samui.

Koh Lanta

The waves on Koh Lanta can be somewhat unreliable. But the island is so beautiful that it shouldn’t be missed, particularly for beginner surfers who will not be as bothered by the smaller waves. Laem Kho Kwang and Long Beach are where the surfing action is at. What makes Koh Lanta so special though is how much there is to do in such a heavenly place. From cave tours to island hopping boat tours and Thai cooking classes.


The picturesque beaches of Rayong are just a stone’s throw away from Bangkok. The waves here are comparatively small so it’s a haven for beginners. It’s mostly on Mae Ramphueng beach that you’ll find your crowd as well as surf shops and surf schools to make the most of the pristine waters. Rayong is also a fantastic place for foodies with plenty of local seafood specialties to sample.