Holistic nutrition is a natural approach that sees a person’s health as a reflection of the many different facets of their well-being. A holistic nutrition program will analyse a patient’s physical, mental, and spiritual health, and provide a plan to help the person along their healing process.

The benefits of holistic nutrition are plentiful. Among others those include:

  • Better sleep and increased energy levels
  • Stronger immune system
  • Happier mood
  • Weight loss and reduced cravings

To get you started on your journey towards better health, here are the top five ways that you can apply the philosophy of holistic nutrition to your life.

  • Focus on whole foods

Holistic nutrition starts with good nutrition. Whole foods are an easy way to improve your diet. Try to stay away from heavily processed products in favour of ingredients that are in their natural, unprocessed states. Examples include fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts, eggs, beans, and whole grains (oats, barley…)

  • Eat mindfully

It is tempting to treat eating like a chore to cross off the list as fast as possible. But we should try to view eating well and paying attention to the way we treat our bodies in a positive light. This means, considering what the food we’re about to eat is bringing us and how it might affect our bodies. You can also try to take your time when you eat. Chew slowly and savour every bite. And of course, smartphones are best kept away from the dinner table.

  • Buy from like-minded farms and companies

Don’t be afraid to show your support to the people and organisations that have their priorities aligned with yours! Nowadays there are plenty of local farming co-ops and brands where your money will be better spent than in a megachain supermarket.

  • Reduce stress

Stressful situations can derail our progress and set us back into old, unhealthy habits. When we’re stressed we tend to pay less attention to what we eat. Stress can also have an impact on our digestion and other important bodily functions. You could try setting yourself a routine and make sure you block off time for sports, outdoor activities, and wholesome hobbies.

  • Be kind to yourself

Don’t feel bad if you slip up. Change takes time and this is all a learning process. Every day is a new day so remember to be kind to yourself. Always keep in mind that you’re aiming for improvement rather than perfection.