Find your zen in Koh Samui

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As you ease into life at Saol, you can sense the doors to your inner gardens of zen slowly open. Across your week-long stay, you are invited to let go of everyday life, look after your body and soul, and be mindful in all that you do. This could mean taking an early morning yoga class to stretch and start your day strong, carving out some me-time to relax, meditate and reflect in the afternoon, and letting your creativity unspool as you jot down your thoughts and feelings in your Five Minute Journal.

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The soothing atmosphere and stunning vistas of Koh Samui lend themselves particularly well to letting go of everyday life and making the most of the benefits of onsite activities such as yoga, meditation, and journaling. Some of these benefits are:


Better management of stress – yoga helps you relax and can lead to compound effects such as improved mindfulness, sustained weight loss, and better sleep. These effects all help you deal better with daily stress;

More energy and brighter outlook – after a yoga session you often feel fresh, rejuvenated, and ready for the day ahead, with the energy and positivity you need to tackle whatever life throws your way;

Improved strength and balance – yoga can be rather physical, and with more practice comes better strength and ability to take on more challenging poses. Deep breathing also helps increase your blood flow.


Better control over anxiety – giving yourself the time to sit back and relax can give you an insight into the inner workings of your mind and help you deal with the symptoms of anxiety;

Longer attention span – away from the distraction of devices, you can practice focusing and slowly rebuild your attention span;

Improved sleep – meditation helps your body to relax and your mind to quiet- As you feel the tension ease, reaching the state of sleep becomes easier.


Improved creativity – a daily opportunity to explore your creativity and let your mind wander leads to a positive cycle of child-like exploration and the unlocking of your creative potential;

Better processing of emotions – writing your thoughts and emotions down on paper gives them a space to live outside of your own mind. This can give you the perspective and distance you need to process what’s going on in your life;

Decluttering of the mind – as if sorting through your closet and bidding farewell to the clutter, writing down what goes on in your mind is a great way to eliminate the clutter and let you focus on what’s truly important.

Koh Samui has beautiful spots, perfect for getting you inspired while you start your journaling journey. Try to visit the following

The Saol pool – the Saol pool is the perfect place to savor stunning views over the Gulf of Thailand and to allow for the inspiration to flow;

Wat Phra Yai – on a terrace with incredible vistas, feel the quiet energy of Thailand under the gaze of the majestic golden statue of the Buddha;

Lamai Beach Viewpoint – for the ultimate beach inspiration, head to the rocks of Lamai Beach.