2022 was the year that we collectively fell for HIIT and when walking made its way back into our hearts (12-3-30 workouts, we’re talking about you!)

A new year means new trends. In 2023, it’s largely to the outdoors that we shift our gaze as we try to shake off extended periods of being locked up in our homes. So let’s take a look at the top three fitness trends for 2023.

  • Octomoves

Inspired by the philosophy of rope flow, Octomoves is quickly becoming a fitness favourite. A rope flow workout requires a subtle combination of the movements of your body and the focus of your mind. Not only do you strengthen your full body but it does wonders for your coordination skills, flexibility, and mental clarity. You use different ropes to achieve different results, from high-impact workouts perfect for burning calories to more gentle routines to unwind or recover. It is the perfect workout to achieve a state of flow, as your mind zeroes in on the dance of the rope swishing elegantly around you.

  • Primal movement

Primal movement workouts revolve around seven essential movements that we use in our everyday lives. Think pulling, pushing, and lunges. Throughout history, we’ve performed these movements to stay alive and flourish, which is why they are referred to as primal movements. It’s a workout that is designed to improve your overall fitness, with a strong focus on mobility and posture. With no standard number of reps and sets, it is a fundamentally fun and freeing workout that you can adapt to your fitness level, from complete beginner to pro.

  • Biophilia or outdoor workouts

After staying cooped up for so long it’s only normal that we long for outdoor spaces. Biophilia refers to our love of the natural world and our want of connection to the outdoors. For fitness this could mean going for a long walk in the forest, taking your yoga mat to your local park, or going for a swim in an open-air pool. It’s an opportunity for you to take a breather and reconnect with the world around you, in the green, and away from screens.