Top 10 Wellness brands fit for travel

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Staying fit and healthy while traveling can be a challenge. You step away from your little bubble of comfort to throw yourself headfirst into long flights, disturbed sleep patterns, unpredictable weather changes, and wildly different cultures. You come back a head full of stories and enriched by our experiences but your skin, hair, and immune system often beg to differ.

Today we take a look at the best wellness products to travel with in 2023. These products are perfect if you’re traveling light and will make your life on the road that little bit comfier.

  1. Topicals’ Like Butter – for always smooth skin

Your perfect skin hack in the cutest of tubes is Like Butter by Topicals. Keep your skin smooth, hydrated, and glowing on the go. The power of this moisturizer comes from colloidal oatmeal which has been clinically proven to soothe extremely dry and sensitive skin. Treat yourself to that extra shine on your next trip.

2. Pique Daily Radiance immune support packets – to stay travel strong

These little gems by Pique will support your immune system as it goes through the stresses of travel. They contain everything from Vitamin C to elderberry and antioxidants with zero preservatives or additives. Perfect to keep your collagen levels topped up or to help your skin recover from sun damage.

3. Goli Supergreens gummies – for when your body needs a shot of green

These vibrantly green gummies by Goli are like the reincarnation of spinach and aloe vera you never knew you needed. Packed with essential vitamins and minerals, they’re so easy to incorporate in your travel diet – when getting your daily supplies of greens proves challenging – and will improve your digestive health. They can also boost liver function, energy metabolism, and just straight-up overall wellness.

4. Coco & Eve bronzing face drops – to tan on the go

It’s not that we can’t tan, it’s just that it’s easier with the helping hand of this dermatologist-approved, super-hydrating face tanner by Coco & Eve. Mix a few drops in with your moisturizer and, hey presto: summer glow! The hyaluronic acids in the cream help improve fine lines and wrinkles and you can adjust the intensity of your glow by adding more or fewer drops to your moisturizer!

5. Supergoop sunscreen – to keep the bad rays away

Sunscreen might be the ultimate holiday commodity but not all sunscreens are born equal. Don’t skimp on your SPF and make sure your skin gets the best protection with this invisible sunscreen by Supergoop. And it comes with a bonus as it doubles up as a makeup-gripping primer as well.

6. Loop noise reduction earplugs – for the quietest of sleep

These well-designed earplugs by Loop will keep the noise out so you can sleep in and get all the rest your body is craving. Super comfortable and barely noticeable, they come in a range of cutesy colors from magic mint to calm pink and zen white. With up to 27dB of noise reduction, these reusable beauties might just save your life or at the very least save you some extra hours of sleep.

7. Nidra sleep mask – for the deepest of rest

Super lightweight and ergonomically tailored to follow the contours of your face, these sleeping masks by Nidra are an ideal travel companion. Wake up feeling and looking refreshed anywhere from planes to hotel beds and wherever you might lay your head.

8. Aquanimous massage balls – to iron out the creases from your muscles

After long days of travel adventures or simply after your latest bout of fitness, all your body needs is a good old-fashioned rub to ease out the tensions. These Aquanimous cork balls are your best friend when it comes to massaging sore muscles and relieving stress. Roll the soft cork balls over the areas that need some care and feel the full benefit of their deep tissue massage action. Not only eco-friendly but also super light and easy to pack.

9. Intelligent Change journal – to take care of your mind’s garden

It’s not just your body that needs some love while you’re traveling. Your mind needs the best of care too. Journaling is a great way to get your day started. Unlock your creativity, get closer to your goals, and sleep better. The benefits are numerous. Intelligent Change have tons of journals to help you on your journey, from grateful prompts to mindful affirmations, so pack one in your bag and journal your way to your best self.

10. Hydrapeak reusable water bottle – to stay in peak hydration

Hydrapeak’s reusable water bottles serve different purposes, all of which are positive. Say no to wasteful single-use plastic bottles and yes to regular hydration on your next trip. The inner copper lining of these bottles keeps your water nice and cool so you can feel fresh and hydrated throughout the day.