When you hear the phrase “the simple art of living”, many different images might spring to mind. 

For some that might mean basking in the sun and lazing about in a state of contented disconnection. For others, it might mean minimalist living, where one sheds the overly abundant for a core of deeply satisfying essentials.

But what always comes to mind might be slightly more transcendental: the idea of respite from our 24/7 lives, from the hustle, the sensory overload, and the intensity of modern life that we’ve grown accustomed to. 

Saol was born precisely out of the mission to create a simpler approach to our lives, by learning how to live a life that is balanced and full of purpose.

It’s in the incredible setting of our hilltop wellness resort, nestled amidst the luxurious, green hills of Koh Samui, that our team of world-class wellness directors welcomes retreat enthusiasts from around the globe and puts the simple art of living philosophy into practice.

With a programme inspired by Thai culture, Soal inspires and coaches guests toward healthier minds and bodies, so that they can become unstuck, reconnect, engage, and start a new chapter in their lives.

The Saol experience is articulated around three core values: 

  • Balance – to relax and be productive
  • Purpose – to discover meaning in all that we do
  • Connection – to disconnect from bad habits and develop new bonds

Rather than pushing yourself to the limit, we encourage you to take care of your body and mind through exercise, food, yoga, and reflection. This could mean starting the day with early morning yoga, enjoying breakfast with friends, taking a mind-broadening workshop, relaxing in a spa, or simply allowing yourself the time to rest.

Purpose means paying attention to everything we do. It’s then that we can begin to notice the small details and the bigger picture alike, as we uncover new layers of meaning. 

Connection happens as new personal bonds are created and fostered. Koh Samui’s scenic backdrop and Thailand’s vibrant and welcoming culture provide an ideal environment for new, strong personal relationships to flourish.

As we embark on a path of deep personal change, what we sometimes don’t notice is that it’s the small changes to our daily habits that often have the most impact.

What we sometimes overlook as we embark on a process of deep personal change is how the small shifts in our daily habits often have the most impact.

As tempting as it can be to play the scorched earth card and push ourselves towards a full reset, some changes can be as simple to put into action as:

  • 5 minutes of journaling – start your day by writing down what you are most grateful for and laying out your intentions for the day ahead.
  • 1 daily hour of fun – make time every day to focus on what makes you smile or laugh. Call your friends, dance around to your favourite songs, or just enjoy a nice cup of tea with a book.
  • Explore new creative paths – stimulate your creativity by trying out an art or cooking class or picking up a book about a topic you are curious about. You could also check your local Meetup and Facebook groups if you’d like to meet like-minded souls.

But do remember this: in all that we do it is key that we focus on gratitude and reflection. We should honour who we are and let ourselves be guided by our inner being. 

There is a tribe waiting to support you as you explore. Meet your people at the Saol retreat. 

Our program brings together all the ideas of the simple art of living in a rich and focused week at our beautiful location in the hills of Koh Samui. Come to Thailand to kickstart your journey.